Engineers and scientists have the same right as everyone else to express themselves. They often do it through the questions they ask and the methods they use to approach those questions,  or through software and design, but those media don’t enable all that they might express.  These non-verbal artifacts also imply different things  to different people.

The written word is a now a somewhat overlooked technology for thinking. communicating, and engaging in action. Writing is thinking, working through and explaining ideas, and speculating about meaning and the relationships between ideas. Writing enables most of what we need more of in our society: caring for the other, contemplating consequences, developing plans, coming to understand one another, and imagining and building a world that lets us be our whole best human selves.

Let’s explore how to write about science, engineering, and technology in practical ways, in philosophical ways, in teacherly ways, in political ways, and in ways that stretch the minds of both writers and readers.

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